Ways To Use Amber Queen




Amber Queen has versatile products that can be used all over the body for full We body amber healing.  Decide which way you want to experience your amber. We have items for those that love to take a day to pamper and heal their temple.  We also have items for those that need their healing on the go or only have minutes to spare before whisking off to the next task or adventure.

Below are different ways Amber Queen products can be used to achieve your desired results. These are recommendations. Please be creative and discover you own ways of working with these products.  Remember a little goes a long way so over use is not necessary.


I also include a video here for how to open your Amber Queen products and an intro the the healing scrub and sugar pops!

Enjoy the process..



Amber Healing Scrub

Face, body or spot treatment scrub for rashes, scars, stretch marks or eczema patches.  Amber likes warmth. Heat up the body before applying if possible Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. For those that have the time, leave it on for hours. 

Massage into the skin well for best results. 


Amber Sugar Pops

 Amber Sugar Pops are convenient way to enjoy the benefits of Baltic Amber in the shower as a body scrub. It has the same ingredients as the Healing Scrub but in a more portable body form. Pop a portion or one from the packet and massage into wet skin. Use circular motions to rub on the body til all is melted. Feel and see the difference. Pat dry and apply Moisturizer and or butter.

*Dry feet & hands

*Body exfoliating

*Skin healing


Amber Ancient Relief

Recommended Use: Apply where healing is needed & massage thoroughly. Add 20-30 drops to natural carrier oil for full body massage. Dilute if sensitive. Apply as needed. 

Like having your own massage therapist wherever you go. Created by a massage practitioner with over 15 years experience . Receive relief within minutes with ancient relief oil. We added the soothing power of Lavender with Birch, Black Pepper an other well known oils & powders to relieve aches, pains and inflammation in the tissues. This fast acting oil is tuned with pain relief & healing frequencies

* Achy joints
*Arthritic fingers & toes
*Muscle aches
*Spinal stiffness
*Neck & shoulder pain
*Swelling & Inflammation
*Add to your favorite a carrier oil for a full body massage

Amber Butter Balm

Is it body Butter or a healing balm? It’s both. Infused with rich oils of Vetiver and Patchouli and powders of Sandalwood, Immortelle, & Neem to name a few it protects, heals and softens skin that needs care.
Perfect for dry climates
Sun burnt skin
Abused Skin
Mature Skin
Chapped lips
Skin issues: Dry, flaky, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis


Enchant Beauty Oil

Apply a small amount to face, neck, hands and any other area you desire. Can also be used as a fragrance. Add to other skincare products to amplify the effects. Use as a ritual oil & in ceremonies when needed

 *Softens & Soothes the skin

*Gives skin a velvety feel 

Transformation Oil 

When you are ready to do major life changes, this Oil calls to you. Transformation is Amber Queen’s highest Baltic Amber Oil Blend that carries the vibrations of Clear Quartz.
With a 75% Baltic Amber Base, Transformation is an oil to use for any changes or things you would ike to accomplish in life. It vibrates at a tone that triggers growth on several levels. Meditate with Transformation and see where it takes you.

Apply where healing is needed & massage thoroughly. Add to other skincare products to amplify the effects. Rub a little on for inspiration to the forhead or back of the neck. Can be used anywhere on the body for healing effects. Can be rubbed on candles for amplification.Use as a ritual oil & in ceremonies when needed.

FAE  Amber Floral Fragrance

This magical combination of high frequence floral essential oils of Rose, Melissa, Jasmine, Magnolia and Baltic Amber creates a natural floral scent that is sure to be remembered. These are high frequency oils which means they have the capacity to shift your vibration to a more positive one quickly.

Apply where healing is needed & massage thoroughly. Use as a fragrance to magnify the magic in your life. Add to other skincare products to amplify the effects. Use as a ritual oil & in ceremonies when needed.