" I loved the Sugar bomb! The face product..it's very nice! I got a thorough exfoliation from it which is what I needed. Especially here in the winter and my skin is needing oils and protection."

-LeAnne Dziekan, Vancouver, BC


My name is Brian, I live in Monterey CA & I am an engineer.
I recently obtained a sample jar of Amber Queen Facial Scrub & a couple Sugar Pops.
I have observed excellent results with 1-2x per week use of the scrub. My aestheticism commented on the improved healthy appearance as well.
The sugar pop is my fav tho! Being a guy, I don't want to have to spend a lot of time with skin care regimens, so these make it nice & easy. They are perfectly sized for full body treatment and easy to grasp to apply.
Without going into details, the Pops have resolved an ongoing condition and I couldn't be happier about the results. No more prescription meds to control the dermatitis.
I knew nothing of the benefits of amber or how it provides such, but the results speak for themselves.

Brian Pettit, Monterey Peninsula, California


"I've been using Amber Queen Healing Body Scrub for about 3 months now. The scent is different from many products due to the Argan oil, but after a few applications I grew to enjoy the smell. I use it primarily on my face and love what it is doing for my skin. At 57, my facial tone was getting dull and dry. Since I started using the Amber Queen scrub, my face feels and looks much softer, brighter, and hydrated. The healing properties of all the ingredients are amazing and I love that it is handmade, tuned with crystals and sound healing. What a special gift we receive in each jar! I've even noticed that a chronic rash around my eyes has finally gone away. Thank you Mika Leone for introducing me to this beautiful product. I can't wait to try the other items in your Amber Queen line."
Ginny Miller
Ginny Miller, Pacific Grove,CA
Vibrant Energy Coach
Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®


I used the Amber Queen scrub mask for 3 consecutive days. My skin felt deeply nourished and cleansed afterwards.  The texture of my skin was improved, and I felt more circulation was happening.  It is unique formula that I will use again.

Aalia Kazan, Sedona, Az