Spring Updates



It has been a while since we've done an update here but we post to FB & Instagram pages weekly. There is a lot of changes in the air here that will be announced in the coming months. As with life, we adjust to change and all the uncertainties that it brings. Amber Queen is fortunate to be able to adjust and continue to grow. 

Baltic amber is great to work with anytime of the year. It adds strength, warmth and protection to the body in many ways. Baltic amber brings with it knowledge from millions of years of transformation. It is still a living, changing resin.  We add the vibration of other gemstones with messages from the earth to create products that connects you back to your natural knowing and flow with life. 

If you have interested in learning more about the benefits of amber, join the news letter to receive the beauty guide. If you would like to have a more hands on class like participation, I will be teaching on the benefits of Baltic amber at the upcoming Herbal Con online in July. I will post more about this in the next post.

To Your Health & Wellbeing,

Amber Queen



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