Amber Queen Fall 2020 New

Happy Fall Everyone!
It is hard to believe that over 6 months have pasted since my last post.  We have been active on Instagram and Facebook during the last few months. If you are following the blog, those social sites are the best place to keep up with current events. 
This year has been a big surprise for us all and changes are being made here at Amber Queen to adjust longer shipping times and products not being in stock. Fortunately for now, we here at Amber Queen has been able to stay on schedule with products and shipments. 
In the coming news letter we will begin to go into the benefits of Baltic Amber in your life especially at times like these when more than ever our immunity needs to be in peak condition. Preventive care of the body is key to stay well. If there is something specific you would like us to discuss in one of the upcoming blogs post, email
Til Then....Happy Fall Everyone
Amber Queen


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